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This compilation of constitutionally biased news and opinion with radio shows, interviews and on demand videos from people like Rand Paul, Judge Napolitano, Dana Loesch and more.

Great content, especially if you lean toward a Constitution / Libertarian persuasion, but appears to be updated less frequently since the second week in April.


Rand Paul Filibuster and Interviews - the entire filibuster presented by Rand Paul concerning the CIA nomination of John Brennan.
Also, various interviews with Rand Paul on Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and other venues. 
NewsBusted with Jodi Miller
Politichicks - various interviews
Ben Swann Full Disclosure
In Deep Michelle Ray - this category is streaming radio, no video. The last episode here is from April 11th, 2013.
Intellectual Froglegs
Judge Andrew Napolitano - various interviews from Judge Napolitano from stations like Fox, as well as a speach on the gold standard given at Mises Institute
The Dana Loesch Show - the talk radio program from Dana Loesch and interviews with Dana Loesch on shows like Hannity.
Drinking with Bob
Michelle Malkin
Ben Shapiro - editor at Brietbart.com
and others

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