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NHK is Japan's largest broadcasting network. It is the equivalent to the BBC in Britain.
This channel is completely in English. It is really good programming, with great video quality.
This channel is not on demand, but a continues stream, much like a normal TV channel.
This channel isn't just news, there is a variety of program from educational topics, to help with picking up the Japanese language, as well as the latest ideas and technology from Japan.
If you are headed to Japan anytime soon or are just intersted in the Japanese culture, this would be an excellent channel to get you acquainted with the culture. It seems to be geared toward helping the English speaking person become accustom to Japanese culture and small, useful Japanese phrases.
Program topics include craft, engineering, design and business. Great Gears is a half hour show that plays at various times on Thursdays.
There are many great programs here. Worth checking out.

Official Website: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/

Paid or Free: Free

Activation Required: No

Channel Code: NHK

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